Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What does the way someone decorates their living space tell you about THEM?

So I decided to focus on this particular subject mostly because I enjoyed "Snoop" by Sam Gosling. Well, maybe not only that... I love the simple messages you receive as soon as you walk into someones house or on an even more personal level, bedroom. The feel of the place, the way it slightly changes your mind about them or makes you think of them a little different. Some times that kind of impressions don't last for a long time, however in some cases they could be a crucial factor in making life long decisions and assumptions. As serious as it sounds, your room is the mirror to your personality, or at least the aspect of it that you feel comfortable enough with displaying to everyone else.

I'm into Jewellery. Being into jewellery I should probably be asking a more related and straight forward question like: " what is your favourite possession?", "what object do you treasure most and why?", "how much significance can a physical piece of clothing/jewellery/accessories mean and why do people consider certain objects lucky?". I am still planning on asking all those questions just not in a very literal way. I don't want it to be too simple. I'd much rather uncover all the answers delicately so that no one realises I have even asked. I am going to be SUBTLE!

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