Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The 4 Elements.

1. What are the 5 words that describe your room best?

J: Messy, familiar, cosy, mine
B: Disorganised, relaxing, quiet
S: Red, squishy, warm, cosy, sensual
C: Duck-egg blue, tidy, airy, boxy, harmonious

2. How does your room makes you feel when you’re angry?

J: Doesn’t make me feel any different.
B: Keeps me distracted and makes me more relaxed.
S: Better, it’s my space so it make me relax and it keep my mind off any worries.
C: Worst, makes me feel caged, I lock the door, look down the window.

3. … when happy?

J: Comfortable and relaxed.
B: Doesn’t affect it.
S: I like spending my time there, it makes me feel content.
C: Relaxed, when I came back from a night out I look forward to my cosy bed.

4. That are your favourite possessions in the room (where do you keep them) ?

J: My laptop and speakers, on the desk.
B: The CD and DVD collection, I keep it next to the window.
S: Lamp, cushions, elephant ornament I keep on my play station.
C: 1950s type writer, fuzzy fairy lights, vintage armchair.

5. Do you ever eat in your room?

J: Yeah, quite often, in front of the laptop top.
B: No, I never do. It doesn’t feel right.
S: yes, love to get my breakfast in bed.
C: depends what is it, sometimes it’s OK but usually I don’t like doing that.

6. How do you feel your visitors feel when they come in to your room?

J: The complain about the mess but are impressed by the amount of technology in it.
B: Anyone who visits is really shocked at the state of it. They can hardly find and spot to sit down.
S: yes, everyone complements it, the bed seems most liked, they like sending time in it.
C: guarded, because they feel like they shouldn't touch. They like the room but they are a little scared of my attitude of my attitude.

7. What colours describe your room best?

J: Yellow and black.
B: Grey and white.
S: Purple, red, dark brown, gold. Those colours make me think of India, they are seductive and I really like the way they style my room.
C: Duck-egg blue, cream, navy, antique gold. Those colours are calming. My mum picked them but it was a mutual agreement so it doesn’t make it any more or less special.

8. Can you picture your room in 5 years time?

J: Yes, it will be much bigger and way more technologically advanced. I’ll get a remote control for everything even opening/closing the door.
B: I’m not too sure, but I know I am going to need a massive set of shelves to keep my CD’s on.
S: It will look pretty much the same, with the same colour range and all my favourite objects. I would like it a little bigger though, especially the bed. Also I think there will be more plants and flowers in it.
C: I think it will be completely different. It will look more grown up and I can see myself living in a different place, so I would want to decorate it in a new way.

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