Friday, 12 March 2010

West End Glasgow

So, I went for that walk today, in Glasgow. Friday afternoon, botanic gardens in the West End of the city. I thought this might give me a good opportunity to re-do the unfortunate assignment from last week. I couldn't be more right!

Stalking people in the park turned out to be a really interesting activity and almost all of it was to my liking. At first, I felt a little awkward so a decision to phone my best friends came along. However, I must admit it's was not exactly the best idea as it distructed me enormoustly and made me want to be back to Dundee in a split second. In conclusion I sat down on a bench, in full view of passers by and watched. Then I looked into my bag to find a friendly looking notebook and the following part of today's post is what I scrubbled in it...

1. The man with a dog.

The Man

In his late fifties, wearing a black leather jacket and khaki green trousers, glssses with metal frames, an m&s bad in his hand (the bright green one), walking slowly but surely, made eye-contact but looked away about 5 seconds later, black boots kind of too smart for the rest of the outfit, no visible jewellery although a gold/silver chain? around his neck wouldn't surprise me, no visible tatoos but I'm almost certain he must have at least one, no beard just greyish stubble, and grey eyes too I think.

Walking the dog after his lunch, I imagine they might have shared it together, the man seens to be divorced, the lonely look of regret on his face suggests that, or maybe he just started seeing someone new but it's not going in the way he wanted to, has kids, possibly two sons fully grown up and independent by now, the dog must have been bought from one of them as a birthday persent, there's no apparet connection between the pet and it's owner yet the dog is the only reason the man is in the park now, appart from that newpaper sticking out from his bag.

The Dog.

Small, used to be white but doesn't like being washed so is neutral colour now, curled tail, fluffy ears, overally content. loves the park and sniffing things.

2. The School Kid, lets call him Andy.

Curly hair, lots of it, brown with blond highlights, looks over at me and then looks away, has ear phones in, likes foo fighters, might be in 5th or 6th year, didnt go to school today though, on his way to meet up with friends, possibly somewhere in the park, checks his phone and then looks at me again, dressed casually and probably wants to go for that cool, laid back look, wears a watch which surprised me a little, got it as a present for his birthday this year, silver and brown leather watch simple and not too showy, walks fast, knows the park well, probably stays round the corner from here, turn in the opposite direction to the man with the dog.

3. The Two Ladies.

Probably mum and daughter, one in her early 60s or late 50s, the other one in her 80s, linked arms, happy together, deep connction, loving relationship, mum looks like a teacher, daughter looks like a teacher too, nicely dressed, navy jacket - mum, shorter jacket, brown - daughter, black shoes both, flat shoes, white hair - mum, light brown hair - daughter, a small, black hand bag - daughter, talking about the weather or the park or latest family events, walking really slowly stopping every few minutes but just for a little while, both have scarfs on and gold rings, mum has a few on one hand, must be the wedding and engagment ones and one other, daughter has just one visible, probably her wedding one, short hair both, gold earrings both, mum has bigger ones on, they must have streched her ears over the ears but she's doesn;t like taking them off, daughter has smaller ones on, they probably take this walk walk weekly it not daily, they know it off by heart and enjoy the fact that it makes them feel secure.

4. The Woman in her late 20s, early 30s.

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