Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Group Meeting 3

The outcome of our 3rd meeting, post consumerism poster, above.

The poster was created by myself and my lovely design studies group. We discussed what post consumerism meant to us and then went onto illustrating the modern day post consumer. Some fantastic examples were found in the Word of Celebrities, including Natalie Portman, Price Charles and Russell Brand.

In the next part of the meeting we brain stormed for ideas and suggestions for what "our" future business could be about. Many different routes were considered and all of us tried to refer, firstly, to our specialisations and secondly to the wider picture of the outside world and it's job market.

Finally, we seemed to have agreed that community design alongside with recycling are the areas which interest us the most and our task for the next group meeting is to specify and create a range of solutions for the future business.

I consider today's group meeting extremely successful in terms of both, the quantity of creative ideas and the quality of our finial area of interest.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Assigment 1 - Group Exercise

My group had a meeting last week and it's about the time for me write about it. It was very interesting and extremely funny like always...

We discussed our VARK test results and got to some pretty good conclusions. Most of the group is either activists or reflectors and there's also a few people who have a mixed profile which is even better.

A group with a varied personality test result will preform stronger in any task given, as all aspects of the project will be considered from different perspectives. Each member of the group has unique ideas and ways of dealing with the problem and after a bit of a debate a consensus will be reached smoothly.

Overall, I am really glad my group is varied and quite honestly I think our task will be very well done. Just a shame about me going away a week before the presentation... I am going to have to miss it. Obviously, I will be working really hard to develop our group project when I'm still in Scotland. I have to add that a Skype or some other kind of a video conference has been suggested and will be taken into consideration. I just cannot picture this happening, I mean, me in Italy, everyone else in Dundee, a little screen or maybe a massive projection of my face... hmmm... highly interesting!

Anyhow, we had another meeting, which was more of a coffee break really, after the last week's lecture and a decision about starting our Post Consumerism research was reached.

The plan is: tomorrow after our lecture we are going to create the poster. It is going to be full of bright and bold images and all essential information. I'm already excited about our first proper group task. Team 13!