Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Deeper Meaning.

So just to be clear:

J = Male, a student of Computing, 20 years of age.
B = Male, a student of Engineering, 22 years of age.
S = Female, a student of Jewellery Design, 19 years of age.
C = Female, a student of Jewellery Design, 20 years of age.

After asking four students of contrasting disciplines and sexes a serious of 8 questions, I have discovered nothing out of ordinary. The interview proves that some of the common perceptions were true in these cases.

Yes, boys are messier then girls.
Yes, girls care about their living space dramatically more then boys.

No, boys don't seem to be attached to objects as emotionally as girls.
No, you should never expect a boy to use more words then the absolute minimum.

(The points above only apply to the 4 people I interviewed.)

The interviews show a great deal about the personalities of the 4 students. They enable anyone to write their own story of their lives. Furthermore, they would give me as a designer an amazing opportunity to study the likes and dislikes of my customers and come up with the ultimate product that would satisfy all their needs.

It is clear to me that each one of them is "into", how much importance (or how little) the pay to certain details and what is and what is not to their taste. Obviously, if I was to design and produce a piece of jewellery for one of them, more thorough research would be required. I would have to ask questions that are more specific and direct. Although, I would definitely stick to the set of questions i have already use, as in my opinion nothing tells you a better story of the person then their own house/room.

In conclusion, I have discovered an invaluable tool of an interview and I am not going to hesitate to use it. This assignment proved to me how important it is to ask the right questions at the right time and push interviewees to give fuller and more informative answers. The more you ask, the more and better your ideas are going to be.

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