Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Graffiti has always interested me. It is a visual form of violence as well as art. I have continuously considered it is message and meaning without ever getting to one solid conclusion.

This study has helped me to develop certain ideas and elevate my understanding of the subject onto a higher level. The two main routes to go about dealing with this problem are quite contrasting in their approach and in the following paragraphs I intend to describe both.

First of all, there is complete or partial prevention of all kinds of graffiti or similar practices. The aim of this is simply to cut graffiti out of the social/art sphere and punish everyone who decides to promote it. The ways design could help achieving this is through researching a better high-tech monitoring system and creating a network of community members to keep a patrolling eye on the problem.

On the other hand, graffiti could be prevented by popularising other forms of art and design and making it easier for those interested to practice it legally, in especially created environments. Theme parks could be designed for anyone who enjoys graffiti on regular bases and with loyalty/club carts members could form a more positive community.

Personally, i have to admit I would hate graffiti to be banned. Also, to be completely honest, I can not see it ever disappear of the walls of the big and the small cities around the World.

A video that illustrates the issue :

2C. Crime - Graffiti

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Whole Lot Of Post-Its

Brainstorming / Discussion

Some time ago, we organised our selves into groups in order to prepare for seminar 3 which is happening this Friday.

We were asked to brainstorm ideas that connect "The Tipping Point" to design and our own specific fields of it. I found the session highly enjoyable and it not only gave all of us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge but also we got a chance to get to know each other as a class. Since that day I noticed a change in everyone of my classmates including myself. Now we feel more like a team.

Going back to the initial idea of the brainstorm, I must admit we have succeeded in fulfilling the task and following all of it's rules. One of those, was not to be embarrassed and say out loud all our ideas, even the silly ones; e.g. robotic flowers generating a specific smell which has a positive effect on people exposed to it (ha ha ha).

On the other hand, some serious issues were raised further into the discussion and those inspired me to spend some of my personal thinking time exploring different opportunities that design offers, in for example, crime prevention.

We took some photographs of the brainstorm/discussion meeting and I shall attempt to put those up on this page shortly.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Reading to sleep...

Sometime ago, I found someone who was prepared to read to me at night. With a smile, almost wider then my face I accepted, closed my eyes and let that voice take me away to the Lands Unknown.

The stories I've heard, the adventures I've seen, the tastes and the smells I've been exposed to since then, changed the way I look at bedtime reading now.

A special relationship between the reader and the listener starts from the first word the two of them share. One in silence, accepts what the other gives.

The reader does not expect much in return - just time till the novel is over. On the contrary, the listener is a 'taker', always wanting more, always wishing for the story to last those few precious moments longer, quite often sharing a little less then three maybe four sympathetic tears with the protagonist of the story being read.

How easy it is to listen when you truly and utterly enjoy the story? How surprisingly difficult it is to listen to a tale you do not understand or can not evaluate according to your own system of moral values?

To find out those and countless more answers, look into the persona of the reader, trying to influence his choice of literature, culture or even language the story is written in.

To all beginners on the way to self discovery through being read to:

Remember to try and stay unattached to the reader. The agreement between you two has an expiry date, only that it is invisible to you. Prepare for the day, your reader will feel the need to move on and start writing, not just reading. And, yes, writing his story will involve all of his time and attention so do not expect the tiniest bit of mercy nor even a microscopic amount of reading time.

To those prepared to give (read) with nothing in return:

Do not feel that your listener is obliged to comment on the book, the style or the tempo of your reading. They are simply to much into it to speak and can not understand why would they have to feed back on the wonders heard.

Try not to mesmerize the listener by your intonation or subconscious interpretation of the story. They are supposed to judge it them selves, sympathising and referring closely to their own emotions created at the initial point of hearing.

Feel free to walk away any time, with out an explanation. As harsh as this sounds - it really is the easiest option.

Sometimes goodbyes are just pointless. They turn something that was once beautiful into ashes.

Monday, 12 October 2009


I think I'm half in love.

With D .

But not M. Not anymore. We don't connect and I hardly want to touch him. And that's bad, right? Enjoyed it at first then realised how difficult this relationship is going to be. Couldn't really ever regret our encounter - those first few moments together were easy and sweet, almost dreamy.

It's all about commitment though.

It's not that I don't make any effort. It's because nothing follows my plan and he is so unpredictable and stubborn. The motion of utter coldness is set between us now. He just ignores how much we're meant to be together!

As crazy as it sounds, I still believe it's in my power to change it.

Change happenz

Come on light my fire


D = Design
M = Metal


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr M

I like Malcolm.

My first impression of him was rather intriguing. Smart but casual and really interesting in that special way… you just don’t want him to stop.

Oh that's his blog by the way:

Now you can have a look at the face behind "The Tipping Point".
It's quite a nice one but definitely a surprise. For some reason my imagination haven't acceded my expectations and I thought of the author as of a granddad kind of person. Grey hair with strikes of white in it, slim frame glasses on the tip of an overgrown nose, clever but tired eyes and a pen in his hand ready to start a new book.

How wrong could you be... It was just my imagination being conventional. I don't like conventional too much. It's like patience, it's boring. So from this moment on I want to let it fly free. I want to see it running wild and not always in the right direction.

"The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell - MindMap