Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mr M

I like Malcolm.

My first impression of him was rather intriguing. Smart but casual and really interesting in that special way… you just don’t want him to stop.

Oh that's his blog by the way:

Now you can have a look at the face behind "The Tipping Point".
It's quite a nice one but definitely a surprise. For some reason my imagination haven't acceded my expectations and I thought of the author as of a granddad kind of person. Grey hair with strikes of white in it, slim frame glasses on the tip of an overgrown nose, clever but tired eyes and a pen in his hand ready to start a new book.

How wrong could you be... It was just my imagination being conventional. I don't like conventional too much. It's like patience, it's boring. So from this moment on I want to let it fly free. I want to see it running wild and not always in the right direction.

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