Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Brainstorming / Discussion

Some time ago, we organised our selves into groups in order to prepare for seminar 3 which is happening this Friday.

We were asked to brainstorm ideas that connect "The Tipping Point" to design and our own specific fields of it. I found the session highly enjoyable and it not only gave all of us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge but also we got a chance to get to know each other as a class. Since that day I noticed a change in everyone of my classmates including myself. Now we feel more like a team.

Going back to the initial idea of the brainstorm, I must admit we have succeeded in fulfilling the task and following all of it's rules. One of those, was not to be embarrassed and say out loud all our ideas, even the silly ones; e.g. robotic flowers generating a specific smell which has a positive effect on people exposed to it (ha ha ha).

On the other hand, some serious issues were raised further into the discussion and those inspired me to spend some of my personal thinking time exploring different opportunities that design offers, in for example, crime prevention.

We took some photographs of the brainstorm/discussion meeting and I shall attempt to put those up on this page shortly.

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