Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Graffiti has always interested me. It is a visual form of violence as well as art. I have continuously considered it is message and meaning without ever getting to one solid conclusion.

This study has helped me to develop certain ideas and elevate my understanding of the subject onto a higher level. The two main routes to go about dealing with this problem are quite contrasting in their approach and in the following paragraphs I intend to describe both.

First of all, there is complete or partial prevention of all kinds of graffiti or similar practices. The aim of this is simply to cut graffiti out of the social/art sphere and punish everyone who decides to promote it. The ways design could help achieving this is through researching a better high-tech monitoring system and creating a network of community members to keep a patrolling eye on the problem.

On the other hand, graffiti could be prevented by popularising other forms of art and design and making it easier for those interested to practice it legally, in especially created environments. Theme parks could be designed for anyone who enjoys graffiti on regular bases and with loyalty/club carts members could form a more positive community.

Personally, i have to admit I would hate graffiti to be banned. Also, to be completely honest, I can not see it ever disappear of the walls of the big and the small cities around the World.

A video that illustrates the issue :

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