Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Stories

Claire McCreath

The girl was in a very pleasant sleep huddled within all her pillows in her nice comfy bed. She was dreaming of driving a Cadillac through floaty clouds to the moon watching and following 6 birds in the distance. Wondering what it would be like to actually be in space, its what she has always dreamed of.

James Bennet
The girl is flying above the clouds, dreaming of a holiday in Havana, with sun, clear skies, and old Cadillacs.

Jenica Trivedi

She let her mind drift off, through the clouds in the vast sky. Surrounded by ample amounts of cushions, she placed herself in the driver's seat of the candy pink Cadillac and cruised her way to the far away lands that stretched through to the extents of her imagination.

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