Monday, 22 February 2010

The Fashion Project

My creation modelled by Colette Brown.

Thank you again my dear!

I would have never, in a million years, found a more perfect "forest creature" to model for me..... and do it topless!

About the Project :

This brief was certainly one of my favourite ever! I enjoyed myself greatly and pushed my abilities to the limit. I even learned how to knit and use a sawing machine. Ha! I must admit, I am quite impressed with my abilities to learn, especially in that quick paste, but at the same time if not for the help of Leigh, our Jewellery Technician, I would have been never able to achieve that. Leigh's help was priceless, as well as her background and experience in textiles. If not for that support, I would have chickened out of using a completely new to me material - felt.

Now me and felt are like best of friends. And I even got a completely new nickname - The Felt Master!

I cannot wait of the last project of this semester which will enable me to revisit, research and experiment with fabrics and felt further. It's ALL about reusing materials and adding value to seemingly worthless objects.

In the mean time - Stone Setting Project.. Here I Come!

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