Monday, 22 February 2010

4th photograph.

Since the stories my flatmates created were not that different, I think I will be able to use just one particular image to connect all of them and create a complete sequence. The image that I managed to come up with is of a young girl, about 8 years old, attempting a drive a car. This links to the fact that everyone of my flatmates mentioned a girl driving in her sleep... And because you simply can't drive while you're sleeping, it relates to the simple fact that 8 year old don't usually drive either.

So, all three photos are linked in that surreal way which illustrates the thinking of my flatmates and connotes to the fact that their stories were either of the girl dreaming or they were simply unrealistic.

In conclusion, I'd like to highlight that this assignment was a very pleasant way back into my childhood. It was lovely to revisit many beautiful memories and reconnect with the innocent and hopeful part of my personality. I forgot I even had one!

Now I'm really looking forward to hearing my classmates stories at the next seminar. Even the prospect of a new assignment is not that scary after all! :)

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