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Dissertation Proposal - Draft 1 - Bibliography

Adamson, E., (1984), Art as Healing, London, Coventure Ltd.

“Art as Healing” explores the relationship between art practices such as painting, sculpture and sketching and the psychological effects that these have on young children, the mentally ill and the most vulnerable members of our society.

Bremner J., Dean J., McCoig M., Skinner, K., (2005), Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital: Arts Project, Aberdeen, PACE

This colourful publication illustrates the story of the refurbishment of the Children’s Hospital in Aberdeen. Some wonderful examples of architecture and design were used in that project along side art work provided by Scottish Fine Artists. The book demonstrates the kind of environment that inspires and encourages patients to stay positive and get better.

Farrelly – Hansen, M., (2001), Spirituality and Art Therapy: Living the Connection, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Avery interesting take on Art Therapy is explored in this book, the author describes many incidents were the use of Art Therapy was priceless but the fact that is was connoted to a particular religion was essential. This shows a “shamanistic” view on the discipline which contradicts all the most of the other books I read, which treat Art Therapy almost as rigorously as if it was a science subject.

Furth, G. M., (1988), The secret world of drawings: a Jungian approach to healing through art, Boston, Sigo Press

Gregg Furth's book is a complex study of spontaneous drawings created by a wide spectrum of patients, from young terminally ill children, their parents and families to troubled adolescents, prisoners, the disabled and the elderly.

Gordon A. M., Browne K. W., (2007) Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood

An effective book which considers all things important when growing up. It explores different relationships and the way’s a child is starting to form their opinion of the word around. A big section on learning new skills and how creativity develops from a very young age.

Gordon P.,
Szreter R., (1989), History of Education: The Making of a Discipline, Oxon, Routledge

Great source of information on how education actually started and how it has developed to the stage it is on at the moment. Many valuable stories and facts written up in a clear and understandable language to promote a further research into the field. An essential read.

Malchiodi, C. A., (1999), Medical Art Therapy with Children, London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd.

Malchiodi focuses on using art as a means of communication between seriously ill children undergoing aggressive medical treatment and the professionals working with them. It helps to use and translate the language of drawings into our day to day verbal communication.

MacLeman, M., Pearson, J., (2008), The Pattern of a Bird, Glasgow, Art in Hospital

This beautiful book tells the stories of a hospice’s patients and their adventures with Art and Poetry. It shows how important art making or the creative process, as a whole is, in relation to situations of deep despair such as terminal illness. A truly inspiring publication.

The American take on Art Therapy. This will enable me to look into the differences between the practises of this discipline in the two countries. Which one is more effective, works more efficiently and create a safer environment for the patient? These questions will definitely be addressed in one of the parts of my presentation.

Another professional web page focusing on the use of Art Therapy within the UK. Many interesting events and facts are discussed on the forums. This will be really useful of finding information out about potential contacts and people to interview.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design’s official website. General information for art and design teachers and those interested in this path. This web page has many sections including a primary education one, with articles I will most probably find invaluable in to further my knowledge of the field.

A fantastic website for a valuable information concerning Art Therapies. It looks at Music, Drama and Dance as well as Art Therapies. Many useful links to other web pages of different organisations can be found. What is even more exiting there is a forum filled with suggestions about upcoming events relation to this discipline.

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