Thursday, 18 November 2010

Assignment 3 and Art Therapy

Just a little note to say how exited I am about my dissertation topic and how fantastic the books I managed to find are!

I am still waiting on a few vital books that I have requested and shouldn't take too long to arrive. Also there is a fair amount of articles that could potentially be rather helpful in further research, a few weeks down the line. So far I have not found any that were directly related to the angle I am looking at my topic, art therapy.

Our group meeting that was held a few weeks ago for Assignment 3 has also helped, as it was clear that all of us needed some further discussion about the dissertation topics and areas of interest. The mind map I made initially did not need much alteration although I decided to construct another one anyway. It will be posted up tomorrow after my meeting with an advisor from dyslexia services. The meeting tomorrow concerns proof reading for my dissertation proposal and some further help and advise in relation to Design Studies and my studio Research Project.

Lastly, I have to admit, I am very exited to hopefully have my tutorial with my group soon. We are awaiting an email from our tutor and wish to wait no longer in order to finally get some advise on specific areas of our research and relevant questions relating to our area of interest for the much discussed dissertation proposal.

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