Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year

will bring changes. Hopefully.

I just read an article about the current political situation in Sudan. I must admit I did know about this country's difficulties however I did not realise the extent of them. The president, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, seems not to accept any responsibility for the deaths of the country's civilians which is over 200,000 as the UN reports. Western media brought our attention to the issue as well, for example the BBC transmitted an interview with the president discussing the tribal conflicts and the civil war in the southern area of the country, as well as the unreasonable government's interventions in these kind of fights which only causes more deaths. After dismissing many of the journalist's questions the president concluded that the Sudanese government is for peace and it can not stand even one of it's citizens being killed unnecessarily. It is all empty words though and it did not fail to make me feel angry and powerless. Is there anything I could do to help to change the situation in Sudan for the better? I am guessing there is very little we could do apart from blogging about it and starting a worldwide discussion. There is so much to be done, even now in 2010.