Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Torture Lecture

Today, I have been challenged with a making a decision that I knew was one of those that would potentially affect me and the way I look and perceive the World.

Some time ago, I got an email to my uni account informing about a lecture on the subject of torture by a Glasgow based GP specialising in that issue.

Fully aware of the impact of this might have on me, I managed to make it to the lecture and overcame my fear to listening or seeing something far, far, away from what I am used to. The biggest fear I faced was one of being devastated for the victims of torture, hating their prosecutors and doubting if the World that we live in is such a good place, after all.

All of those occurred. However, I felt guilt as well.

I still do and cannot believe I have never made enough effort to pay my respect to those people and do everything in my power to help end their suffering even if it was just by speaking out.

For anyone interested in volunteering please contact me or simply follow the organisation on twitter.

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